Real Clients

Karen Possemato, Biotech Marketing Executive

"I have spent years (and $$$) shopping for outfits or buying pieces that were cute but somehow didn't quite build a great working wardrobe. I had worked with a couple of stylists in the past and had some good looks, but had trouble building on my own and still stood many mornings in my closet trying to find something to wear. After I worked with Lauri, my closet exploded with potential and I learned how to get the most out of what I have, and more importantly, how to bring new pieces in that expanded that potential even further. Thank you Lauri for your creative approach and insight. I had so much fun and learned so much! You have saved me tons of money and frustration!"

Leslie Zann, Speaker, Author and Direct Selling Expert, President, Leslie Zann Consulting

"As a busy professional in my 50's ... I can easily admit that I don't like shopping. I never did ...For quite some time I had been searching for the right image consultant. She needed to stay true to my style ... and yet inspire me to stay current. And of course ... I wanted to feel comfortable and look attractive with the ultimate results. I was referred to Lauri by a well-know local photographer ... and immediately knew she was the one. Lauri has taken my needs, my budget and my existing wardrobe and worked miracles! If you want to save time, look great and save money ... I highly recommend you shop with Lauri. My shopping experience has been transformed!"

Michelle Turgeon, President, Murphy Turgeon LLC

"Hardly know where to begin when HIGHLY recommending Lauri! My photographer suggested her to me as an Image Consultant; initially I thought she was just going to assist in making my logo colors look good on me (for my website). Given that I recently lost 40 pounds she also supported me in seeing that I was covering up with more than just extra weight, I was also covering up in my clothing choices. She made me feel thinner and look more attractive, which also makes me feel more attractive and confident…to sum it up…this was one of the best investments I have made not only in my business, but in myself!"

More success stories

Sherri Neasham, Chairman, Leadfusion, Inc.

"Wow!  What a confidence boost and transformation! Left and right, people unexpectedly remark how good I look -- and how stylish! My wardrobe makeover with Ultimate Image gave me the tools to be much more attractive, and it's a joy to subtly express a new, healthy self-regard. Goodbye to all the buttoned-down, corporate bore, the ho-hum jeans with hoodies, and the struggles finding what feels right to wear -- Hello to feeling feminine, attractive, strong, and my very best!"

Esther Weinberg, Author, Speaker, and Executive Coach, President, Mindlight Group

"I was looking to step out of a button down shirt and suit image to one that represents fun and vitality - who I really am. Through the years I had gone shopping for clothes, however there was an image being portrayed in my clothing that was outdated and no fun. I hired Lauri to help bring the vitality and fun back into my imageand was astounded by how much fun the process was. Lauri makes every effort to get to know you so she evolves an image from you and not from someone you think you would like to be. As a result I had a wardrobe and a whole new outlook. Fun and excitement was radiated in every way!"

Christina Lim, Director, Employee Communications, Illumina

"Going through my closet with Lauri was an eye-opening experience. I started to see my clothes in a completely new light. Her capsule concept is phenomenal and has not only helped me target my shopping experiences so that I'm choosing pieces wisely, but it's also enabled me to get dressed and out the door more quickly in the morning. My coworkers ask me if I go shopping every weekend because they never see me in the same outfit, but that's just because I'm able to mix and match my pieces to create new outfits every day. And now that I have my basic and accent colors picked out, I can be more strategic about my purchases so that I'm guaranteed to get lots of wear out of one piece."

Karen Morton, Realtor, Coastal Premier Properties

"It changed my life! I have a whole new style and I’ve saved hours of frustration in finding new ways to wear my clothes. Dressing is no longer a chore, but a joy!

 I am having fun with my clothes again!” 

Stephanie Smith, Busy Mom

"Lauri helped me update my look and my thinking. With her experience and keen eye, I was able to break free of limiting beliefs. Lauri honored my style, while expanding my comfort zone. I feel so much more confident!” 

Kathy Stenger, Teacher

It was so much fun! I still live in my favorite comfortable pieces, but now get compliments about how nice or put together I look. I gained the tools to develop and express my own personal style without starting from scratch and spending a lot of money.”